A Letter To My Best Friend

You are undoubtatedly the best person I know. You’re caring, compassionate, talk to me when I need you, laugh with me, plan random events with me — you are so many things, and I love you for all of these things.

It hasn’t always been this way. We were close when we were younger, but in high school, I no longer told people that you were best friend. I told people you were my “childhood best friend.” It was true, but it was also a mistake.

We were still very close in high school, but you weren’t my absolute, top-of-the-line, best friend. I reserved that title for a girl who no longer deserves it. I don’t know why I felt the need to pretend I didn’t care about you so much. I don’t know why I felt embarrassed by our differences. I don’t know why things always felt so weird when you and my other friends were in the same room.

I don’t know if I pulled away for the wrong reasons or if life was just busy or different at the time — maybe all of those things. I’m glad it’s not like that anymore.

Change brought us back together. Leaving for college, the loss of a friend, growing up, gaining knowledge — these things pulled us closer. We started to open up more. We realized how much we needed each other. And everything got better.

I’m sorry for pulling away. I’m sorry for judging you for thinking that you were judging me. I’m sorry for not being there every time I should have been.

I’m happy where we are now. I’m happy that we can talk about everything. I’m happy that I’m invited to your family reunion, and go on all of your trips and vacations, and get to call you first whenever something good happens to me.

You’re amazing because even with multiple physical and mental health diagnosis, you are a warrior. You take your pills, go to counseling, and still wake up every single day with hope. I want to be like you.

I love you with everything in my soul. I can’t wait for the coming years as we journey to different places, do new things, meet new people, fall in love, get careers, and start families. Because even miles apart, we will always be together.

Thanks for always being there, best friend. The joke’s on the distance that thought it could pull us apart; It’s actually pushed us together.


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